Full Facilitated Apartment for Rent At Reasonable Cost

If you are planning to spend your vacations in a peaceful and gorgeous city of North Carolina, we suggest you to choose Asheville as destination. Apartment for rent Asheville NC are offered to you at affordable prices and with full facilities. The Asheville is the 11th largest city of North Caroline State. There are numerous famous sites in this city. The climate of this city makes the tourist to spend their holidays here. Apartments in Asheville are best for those people that wish to live for few months. Not only for temporary user but also for those people who wish to live peacefully l for the long term can also choose these apartments to live.

The apartments are available in the different area of the city. All the facilities are provided in these apartments. Rent of the apartment varies from location to location. Area of apartment and facilities also matters a lot while deciding the rent. These apartments are available for different rent.


The amenities of an apartment make it famous among other apartments. The amenities in the apartments of Asheville make them superior among the other apartments of the States.  Basic amenities available in these apartments are, Air conditioned and beautifully carpeted rooms, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, and bathing tub. Other than these amenities the facility of full speed internet is also available. There is a broad area available for car parking as well. The TV lounge of each apartment is equipped with large screen TV and the facility of cable is also available. For those who love their pet. The pets are allowed in apartments but some on some conditions. The house keeping services is provided as well.

The community of these apartments is provided swimming pool, Health care center, and car care centers. If you want to make your body perfect the facility of gym is also available in the surroundings of these apartments.

The surrounding and neighbors always take part in the environment and peace of a city before shifting to the apartments people often ask about the neighbors living there. Before giving an apartment to rent the owner takes a signature on a contract. The condition in that contract doesn’t allow those people that violate the peace of these apartments. So don’t worry all the neighbors are peaceful. For students that wish to rent these apartments are warmly welcomed here. These quiet study rooms are available for them.

Rent of Apartments

The rent of an apartment varies due to facilities, location and rooms available in that apartment. The lowest rent for each apartment is 325$ having 2 rooms. For those whose love to live a luxurious life can also get the apartment of their choice.  The maximum rent for a fully facilitated apartment is in between 3000 and 5000$.

Before going to book any of the apartment we suggest you to visit them yourself once. This visit will clear your mind about conditions and facilities in the apartment. Book your favorite apartment and live a happier life.